Slow start, gross middle, predictable end.

Gravity - Tess Gerritsen

Picked this up after my friend's dad read it, interesting premise - outbreak of some ooky disease in the confines of the ISS, limited resources and no hope of rescue. The initial build-up took a long time, but character development was a bit lacklustre.


Once we get into space the fun starts, and there are soon various bodily fluids floating around in zero gravity, the effects of which I think were described well. Definitely made me cringe at times, anyway. The stuff on the ground is less interesting but necessary, I suppose.


And then the end kid of let it down a bit - it was all a bit paint-by-numbers. It was like one of those jigsaws for kids, with 6 pieces that will only fit together one way.


Not the worst book I've read lately, but not the best either.