The Last Watch

The Last Watch (Watch, #4) - Sergei Lukyanenko, Andrew Bromfield

I'm really enjoying these books. In case you're not familiar, the series is (mostly) set in Moscow, and follows the struggle between the Night Watch, who are magic users on the side of the light, and the Day Watch, who are on the side of darkness. They're full of intrigue, twists and turns as the machinations of those in power blur the lines between the light and the dark. There's no black and white, just shades of grey.


They're good stories set in a fully realised and well thought out world, and I think the main protagonist is what draws me in. Anton isn't perfect but he's self-aware, self-deprecating and a Nice Guy. He's a bit of a dork. Maybe I identify with him.


Another thing I really like is the format of each book - three individual tales, each with a prologue featuring obscure events that the narrator will be investigating. We're given some insight before the protagonist gets involved. The tales are separate but related, although just how they're related isn't always clear until the end of the third story.


Although I did enjoy it, this book in particular veers between the blatantly obvious and maddening deus ex machina - this character definitely can't be involved in this impossibly difficult situation, they're far too weak, you may as well totally discount them from your logical thinking. Oh, wait, now they're SUPERPOWERED!


Generally though, a good instalment in the series, and I'm looking forward to the next one.